Polar Genomics Workshop

Thank you to everyone that attended our Polar Genomics workshop, organised as part of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Priority Programme 1158, “Antarctic Research with Comparative Investigations in Arctic Ice Areas”.  Special thanks also to our three excellent plenary speakers – Melody Clark, Charlotte Havermans, and Ken Halanych! We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Congratulations to Kosmas!

Massive congratulations to Kosmas Hench for winning a one-year fellowship from the Bielefeld Young Researcher’s Fund Career Bridge PhD-Postdoc. Kosmas will be joining the group to develop his own project proposal to work on Antarctic fur seal genomics. Welcome, Kosmas!

Welcome to Ramona!

A warm welcome to Ramona Mattmueller, who is starting her PhD on ‘comparing polar ocean soundscapes – investigating the influence of anthropogenic noise and changing sea ice conditions on the noise budgets and marine mammal communities of two polar regions’. Ramona will be jointly supervised by Joe and Ilse Van Opzeeland from the AWI and the HIFMB. We’re excited about this project and look forward to working together!

Welcome to Rebecca!

A big welcome to Rebecca Chen, who joins the lab this week to start her PhD on the ‘genomic analysis of inbreeding, DNA methylation and sexual trait expression in black grouse’. Rebecca will be co-supervised by Joe, Carl Soulsbury (University of Lincoln) and Kees van Oers (the Netherlands Institute of Ecology). We are looking forward to working together on this exciting project!

Deadline extended! PhD studentship opportunity

An exciting opportunity is available for a three year PhD studentship to work on the evolutionary genomics of sexual trait expression in an iconic avian model system, the black grouse. We are seeking a candidate with strong quantitative skills, a keen interest in population genetics, and ideally experience of working with genomic data.

The deadline for applications is extended to 30th April 2021. All materials should be e-mailed as a single PDF to: joseph.hoffman[at]uni-bielefeld.de with ‘PhD application’ in the subject line.

Please see the attached PDF for more details about the position and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at joseph.hoffman[at]uni-bielefeld.de.