Etienne Brejon Lamartinière


I am fascinated about biodiversity and passionate about its conservation. My major interests are conservation genetics, molecular ecology and mycology. I believe the fungi are disproportionally under-studied with regards to their massive impacts on ecosystems. They are involved in many current society problematics such as the global carbon cycle, nutrient cycling, pollution management, and sustainable agriculture and forestry. Moreover, their small genome size makes their studies affordable economically and computationally.

My PhD project focuses on one of the most charismatic edible mushrooms, the porcino or also known as cèpe de Bordeaux, or the king bolete (Boletus edulis). A decade long almost exhaustive sampling coupled with whole genome sequencing will offer a rich dataset to investigate this fungus’ population dynamics.

Previous Research and Other Interests

I obtained my BSc in Life Sciences in La Rochelle University, during which I spend one semester taking courses of Ecology and Conservation Biology in SUNY Cortland (New York State University). I finished my BSc with a research internship investigating the effect of global warming on the viviparous lizard’s melanism at the EDB lab in Toulouse.

During my MSc in Conservation and Management of Ecosystems in AgroParisTech, I did two research internships. The first one took place in the IAM (INRAE) lab in Nancy. I tested the accuracy of a new epidemiosurveillance model to predict the presence of the sooty bark disease, a condition killing maple trees caused by a pathogenic fungus.

The second internship took place in the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, where I used whole genome sequencing data to compare the dispersal of male and female brown rats.

I am a dog fanatic, enjoying nature walks and martial arts.


2022 – Present: PhD student-University of Bielefeld, Germany

2020-2022 – MSc from AgroParisTech (Saclay University), France

2017-2020 – BSc from University of La Rochelle, France

Contact Details

Department of Animal Behaviour
Bielefeld University
Postfach 100131
33501 Bielefeld

email: etienne.brejon[at]

Funded by: DFG