Joe Hoffman



My research addresses important and timely questions at the interface of evolutionary, ecological and conservation genetics using a combination of classical population genetic approaches and cutting-edge population genomics.  I am particularly interested in the factors that shape genetic diversity over space and time, as well as in the consequences of this variation for fitness components such as survival, disease susceptibility and reproductive success.  My research is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and embraces a wide variety of approaches including gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, stable isotope analysis, endocrinological and immunological profiling, movement analysis, in situ mesocosms, reciprocal transplant experiments and thermal challenge experiments.

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  • 1999–2003: PhD in Evolutionary Genetics – University of Cambridge, UK
  • 1996–1997: MSc in Integrative Bioscience – University of Oxford, UK
  • 1991–1994: BSc (First Class Honours) in Environmental Biology – University of Wales, Swansea, UK
Professional experience
  • 2019–present: Honorary Professor of the Universidad de Alcalá, Spain
  • 2018–present: Extraordinary Professor – Bielefeld University, Germany
  • 2018–present: Honorary fellow of the British Antarctic Survey, UK
  • 2012–2017: Associate Professor – Bielefeld University, Germany
  • 2011–2012: Assistant Professor – Bielefeld University, Germany
  • 2008–2010: Natural Research Environment Council Strategic Alliance Postdoctoral Fellow – British Antarctic Survey, UK
  • 2004–2007: Postdoctoral Fellow – University of Cambridge, UK

Contact Details

Department of Animal Behaviour
Bielefeld University
Postfach 100131
33501 Bielefeld

e-mail: joseph.hoffman[at]
telephone: +49 (0)521 1062711
skype: joe_hoffman
twitter: @J_I_Hoffman