Group Leader

Joe Hoffman

Guest Research Fellow

Hazel Nichols

The evolution of animal societies

Postdoctoral Researchers

David Vendrami

Population genomics of shellfish

Rebecca Nagel

Fitness consequences of niche choice and conformance in Antarctic fur seals

PhD Students

Anneke Paijmans

Genomic dissection of climate change impacts on a declining Antarctic top predator population

Hugo Eira

Relationship between gut microbiome, immunity, stress and fitness in the common buzzard

Jonas Tebbe

Chemical bouquets and molecular components of olfaction in the Antarctic fur seal

Rebecca Chen

Genomic analysis of inbreeding, DNA methylation and sexual trait expression in black grouse

Ramona Mattmüller

COMPOSES – COMparing Polar Ocean SoundscapES, investigating the influence of anthropogenic noise and changing sea ice conditions on the noise budgets and marine mammal communities of two polar regions

Early Career Researcher

Ane Liv Berthelsen

Masters Students

Nicole Kröcker

Felicitas Christaller

Student Researcher

Arne Kalinowski

Lab Technicians

Ann-Christin Polikeit

Technician under the Chair of Animal Behaviour

Katrin Lehmann

Technician under the Chair of Animal Behaviour

Teddy Hoffman

Predator prey interactions

Former group members