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Positions available

I welcome applications from students or postdocs who would like to work in my group. If you are interested in any of the research topics described here or have your own ideas for related projects, please contact me at: joseph.hoffman[at]

Funded PhD and postdoctoral positions will be announced here and on the relevant mailing lists as they become available.

Past Opportunities
February 2016: Research position in marine population genomics pdf
September 2015: Postdoc on pinniped population genomics pdf
July 2015: PhD studentship on the natural history of inbreeding in a cooperative mammal pdf
March 2015: PhD studentship in marine population genomics pdf
December 2013: PhD studentship in marine mammal evolutionary genomics pdf
December 2012: PhD studentship on the social behaviour of shorebird populations in Madagascar pdf

Undergraduate and Masters projects

We are always running or planning various projects that you could get involved in as a bachelors or masters student.  Please see here or contact Joe Hoffman for further details.