Michele De Noia


My core interests as a marine biologist are marine conservation combined with genomics. I am a passionate advocate for the sustainable exploitation of marine resources and for minimising the negative effects of climate changes on marine ecosystems. I am currently working on shellfish population genomics as part of the CACHE network which aims to understand how changing ocean environments will effect commercially important shellfish species. In particular, I will exploring how hybridization, oceanographic barriers and life-history interact to shape population structure, to determine the relative contributions of genotype and phenotypic plasticity to shell morphology and ultrastructure and to test for signatures of selection at candidate genes involved in calcium regulation and deposition.

Previous Research and Other Interests

For my master thesis, I worked on genomic differentiation of salmon louse, Lepeophtheirus salmonis, in the North East Atlantic supervised by Dr. Martin Llewellyn at Bangor University (Wales) and Glasgow University (Scotland). I also worked as a lab technician/researcher at Glasgow University investigating the population genomics of Rhodnius ecuadoriensis (Chagas Disease vector) in Loja province, Ecuador and the role of accessory microbiota in disease progression, pathobiology and immunity of the Leishmaniasis in the Brazilian Amazon.


Dr Joe Hoffman, University of Bielefeld
Dr Liz Harper, Cambridge University
Dr Melody Clarke, British Antarctic Survey


  • 2016–Present: Early Stage Researcher as part of the  Marie Curie Initial Training Network, University of Bielefeld
  • 2012–2015: Erasmus for traineeship at Bangor University
  • 2003–2016: Master’s Degree in Marine Biology, Padova University, Italy
  • 2010–2013: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Padova University, Italy
Professional Experience
  • Summer School in Zoology “An integrated approach to marine invertebrate biodiversity: evolutionary and functional adaptations”, Chioggia, Padova, IT
  • Workshop: Analysis of Stability in Marine Protected Area, Miramare, Trieste. IT
  • Impact Trawling Assess” Boat experience
  • Teaching: Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network, Stonehaven (Scotland)
Publications and Presentations


De Noia M, Carvahlo GC, Creer S, Sturm A, Hanssen OK, Llewellyn MS 2016 Spatial scaling and population expansion of the salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis in the North Atlantic. In preparation

Salmon louse population genomics – TGAC workshop, Norwich UK


Contact Details

CACHE_LogoDepartment of Animal Behaviour
Bielefeld University
Postfach 100131
33501 Bielefeld

email: michele_dn[at]hotmail.it
skype: michele.giovannino.de.noia